Saturday, April 9, 2016

Best in March

This month is still about AI more specifically about chatbots. There was so many news about this:

Techcrunch wrote that Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store could be the most important launch since the App Store.

Tay, Microsoft's AI Twitter chatbot got racist.

PocketConfidant developed an AI for coaching through a chat interface.

Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans ...

There was more companies on Y-combinator's demo day dealing with this topic:
  • Nova uses artificial intelligence to write sales emails automatically. It can search the web and social media for facts about the recipient that it can include in the email, like that they were recently the subject of a news article, or enjoy a specific hobby. Nova’s emails perform better than humans. They get a 67% open rate and 11% click through rate.
  • helps onoperating chatbots on multiple platforms. It offers a centralized dashboard to detect trends and sentiments, and integrates with Salesforce Desk and Zendesk. With’s intelligence and A/B testing, businesses can maximize the benefit of their chatbots.
  • Sendbird provides a UI, SDK and backend to easily add chat functionality for websites and apps.
  • With Chatfuel, those looking to build and engage an audience can use the native interface to create bots that help facilitate conversations. More than 130,000 bots have been created on the platform. Publishers, like TechCrunch and Forbes, can build on Chatfuel and deploy to any messengers.
  • Promt is a chatbot building platform that lets businesses build a chatbot in 15 minutes with 15 lines of code. It can then be deployed instantly to Slack, Line, WeChat, SMS, and soon Facebook Messenger.

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