Sunday, March 13, 2016

Best in February

I'm reading many interesting news and articles on the web and it's so hard to find them later that I decided to collect the best ones in a post at least once a month. Just a short summary and the link to the original article. If you have similar interest it will be probably a good collection for you too.

Tensorflow: the python deep learning framework from Google. Probably it's not so polished as Theano a widely used Python deep learning library but for me it's much easier to understand and write code in it. And if you want to learn it, here is a great tutorial. And there is also a tool where you can use Theano or Tensorflow through the same interface.

The zero UI is the new trend. I love it. Use chat or SMS as a communication interface. Here is a blog post and an other article about this. Big companies are trending in this direction. The only obstacle what slows down the progress is that machines are not yet able to understand human language. But there is so many development in this direction that in a couple of years I expect a significant breakthrough in natural language understanding. (And here is where singularity come into the picture...)

Just for fun: you can live inside Van Gogh's famous painting thanks to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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