Monday, July 4, 2016

Best in June

As last month I posted a video about "hyper reality" I also found a writing about "hyper personalization". For me this is just personalization but either way we call it I agree that tere is a move in this direction:
Focus on 3 important ‘W” of hyper-personalization:
  • Who you personalize
  • What you personalize and
  • Where you personalize.
 Anyway, let's switch back to my favorite topic these days, chatbots :) I found a page, it's not exactly about chatbots, but it shows how interesting this simple chat interface can be. There is a weekend project to post interviews as chat one-to-one chat dialog. Check out Talk turkey!

And finally I found a pretty comprehensive list of dialog datasets. I found it in this article: A survey of available corpora for building data-driven dialogue systems (Serban et al. 2015). If you don't want to read the whole 46 pages (btw it's probably worth for you if you are interested in developing chatbots) I'm still processing the list but I will make it available in a separate post soon.

STRATA + Hadoop world London was organized in jun. If somebody missed the keynote from Stuart Russel, I recommend to watch it. He is talking about The future of (artificial) intelligence.

#FUN: And you can also check Microsoft's AI bot:
With the Bot Framework you can add the bot on Skype, Messenger, telegram etc.. and ask it all life's most important questions such as: "What if Charlie Chaplin was a baby?" or "What if Beethoven was a rockstar!" Project Murphy then uses artificial intelligence to answer these questions by combining the subject's face with the object of interest i.e. a baby's face smartly added on top of Charlie Chaplin's face.

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