Sunday, May 1, 2016

Best in April

Still chatbots and more. Sundar Pichai said this last week on Alphabet’s earnings call:
In the long run, I think we will evolve in computing from a mobile-first to an AI-first world.

Reinforcement learning toolkit for Python: OpenAI Gym

Speech KITT makes it easy to add a GUI to sites using Speech Recognition. Speech KITT provides a graphical interface for the user to start or stop Speech Recognition and see its current status. It can also help guide the user on how to interact with your site using their voice, providing instructions and sample commands.
Rod Humble had previously spent three years as the CEO of Linden Lab, and before that worked on the Sims franchise as an EVP at Electronic Arts. In June, an automated conversation company called PullString (formerly ToyTalk) hired him to create a new series of games for Facebook Messenger called Humani. Here is a nice article about this game: Humani: Jessie's Story.

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