Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The engagement pyramid - flipping your funnel upside down

So, why don’t we flip that 100% winnowed to 30% winnowed to 5% funnel? Rather than starting by thinking about how to reach or broadcast to as many people as possible to get to those who matter, what if we began with engaging those who matter the most. We could prioritize surfacing the 5% — and make our entire plan better by learning from their interactions and leaning on their advocacy to expand our reach in a smarter way... 
 By turning the reach-driven funnel upside down, we’re in effect creating an ‘engagement pyramid’. The engagement pyramid isn’t just about retention and growth of our existing customer base. It’s about starting with the 5% who will be most interested in what we have to say and most willing to speak for us. This group not only includes current customers, but also those most likely to influence others toward your brand. This is the group whose insights and advocacy can better inform and enhance our broader media plan, maximizing our overall engaged reach.

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bottyán said...

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SugarDayFox said...

While this is a great approach and very easy to infiltrate with your thoughts, the key question is how to reach for example the real top, the leaders?

Say, you have an idea of a start up that sells book reviews to busy people. Who will be a typical leader?

This is deemed by many (as I have read) the hardest, to find the first customer (or evangelist, leader call it to your liking).

Blog on,


mohit sona said...

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