Friday, August 30, 2013

Django unchained - python in the cloud

I was experimenting with the django web framework. First I found this helpful tutorial: I really liked that it's starting from the basics which makes it usable for python beginners too.

After reading the tutorial I wanted to create a django project in the cloud. My first idea was to use Google App Engine because it has python support and it's free for small projects. I found this tutorial about running django projects on Google App Engine but I realized that I have to extend django with support for non relational databases. I found this step a bit complicated. There was an other tutorial to run django with Google Cloud SQL but it turned out to have no free version.

So keep the story short after spending several hours to find out how to run my django project on Google App Engine I find myself in searching for other free django hosting solutions. And I come across and it was a really nice surprise for me. It doesn't have so many features like Google App Engine but it's optimized for python. I finished the registration in 5 minutes and it was really easy to find a description how to run django project here ( It took me just 30 minutes to configure everything end write a hello world application from the scratch in their in browser console (yes, they have an in browser bash console) and open it in my browser for the first time.

So just to summarize my positive impressions about
  • free plan with mysql support
  • web based bash console
  • really easy to set up
  • good tutorial (first I missed how to refresh the server, but it was just at the end of the tutorial)
  • they have dropbox sync which makes synchronization very straightforward
  • easy way to check access and error logs
I also heard good things about heroku. They also have a good getting started guide. Maybe worth to try it as well:

Additionally here is a really short introduction video:

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